Monday 16 June 2014

Umami Monster and MECHA-HOP designs, for Garage Project Beer

I love making art for beer - it's the perfect trade!

These are the designs I did for Garage Project for their two new, highly experimental beers, Umami Monster (brewed with sea weed, sea water and bonito flakes) and the beer designed to combat it, MECHA-HOP (brewed with refined hop oil, refined yeast and other industrialised ingredients).

They're both pretty full on beers, and have great high concepts behind them. These guys really go to town with the brewing methodologies and stories behind their beers.

Tim Gibson, creator of Moth City took my designs and turned them into beautiful posters, labels and t-shirts, which you can see here.

I recommend both beers, but you might wanna baton down your taste-buds - they're as mighty as you'd expect.


Anonymous said...


Andy McOyster said...

So rad!

Buster Keaton said...

Great idea, really cool work Greg!
Also checked those poster & the labels, following the link. Really beautiful designs.
I'd take a sip ;)


miniPau said...

That seems like a great project!..

Stuart Thomas said...

ahhh these are hella rad! just want it as a graphic wrapped around my body as a shirt!

Greg Broadmore said...

Thanks, boyos.
Yeah, def check out Tim's final labels and posters - he did the classic giant-monster movie style justice.
I'm gonna try and pick up some bottles of both this weekend - nom!

Aaron Beck said...

Fuck yeah man. Nice work.
Tim did a great job too, those cutaways are fantastic!

Greg Broadmore said...

Cheers, AB. Just saw the new book cover too - can't wait!

Norman Hundert said...