Tuesday 5 August 2014

AGM Monsters

These poor little mutants were designs I did for two of Neill Blomkamp's sneaky short youtube clips.

The second one is based on a napkin sketch that Neill drew, so you can blame him for the giant slimy testebags. He's a strange man with strange whims.

The final sculpts were done by my mate and sculpting maestro, David Meng and produced in silicon, painted and hair-punched at Weta Workshop.

Neill just posted this great pic of the props on instagram:

And you can see the two clips they're from below:

If you think these are weird, then I think the next step,  Marvin is gonna surprise even more...


Simon Prime said...

Rocky mountain oysters for everybody!

Buster Keaton said...

Great work, Greg and some damn cool trailers, man!


... oh yes, and I wanna blame Neill for those giant slimy testebags.

Frank Victoria said...

I wonder what that creature tastes like... Bit of garlic, some onions, mmmm

Unknown said...

Ahh vestigial legs. Always a sight to be seen. Inspiring as always Greg!

jamie holmes said...

I love this man. Is it gonna turn into a feature soon? ;)