Thursday 13 November 2014

G-Tuned goodness

Just got a new pick-up for my old G-tuned guitar and it's transformed it!

I've had this gat for maybe 19 years and I bought it to replace one I stupidly smashed into pieces during a Nihil show in Hamilton . I took the pick-up from that poor smashed thing and put it into what was to become my permanently low tuned monster.

Turns out that pick-up was broken (duh) and never worked right.

I also never really knew about intonation and the fact that turning down to G means you should really move the bridge back... so I had that fixed recently too.

All that adds up to me playing more gat than ever and loving it.

Me and Christian P plus Ben Hawker are trying to put together some songs for a new band in this super-low and delicious tuning, so I'll post some of that eventually.

In the meantime, here's a rough sketch I wrote and played the other day:

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