Friday 5 February 2010

District 9 Gun Replicas

Behold, as I unleash my inner company shill!

At long last, we finally have things in place to release the District 9 guns as collectible replicas.
These are both made from the original masters that I designed and oversaw the construction of during the production of the film.

They're about as close to the actual movie props as you could ask for.
If you wanted to go hog wild, you could buy one of these US$560 (approx) limited edition babies (I think we're making only 200 of each), and cover em' in rubbish, slime and maybe a few handfuls of fecal matter to make them even closer to how they were treated on set by Joe Dunckley and Sarah Rubano.

But that's your prerogative.

So far, we have the Arc Generator and the Gas Thrower, but keep your eyes on the WetaNZ site for more collectibles in the coming months.

Head on over to WetaNZ to check them out in detail

-A big thanks to Tim Launder at WetaNZ for all his hard work making these happen.

UPDATE - The Arc Generator has sold out .


Anonymous said...

Oooh, this is going to be Christmas when they come out, and not necessarily the 24th of December Christmas :D

Anonymous said...

They're going to do the Assault Rifle too, right?



Greg, you did an awesome job on the design work for the film. The Exo Suit scene is just ridiculous. Your jaw must have been on the floor when you watched it for the first time...

kanishk said...

wow...congratulations Greg! Everything looks amazing.
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Anonymous said...

Hey Greg, I had a couple questions that I hoped you could answer...

1.) When working with Neill Blomkamp, specifically on the exosuit, do you know if he's a fan of any of the mecha anime shows that come out of Japan and if that served as any inspiration?

2.) I know you would have to probably keep mum on this, but will you be contributing any work to 'Elysium'?

I really hope you answer. I'm a big time fan of your work. The exosuit in particular is one of my all time favorite mechs.

Greg Broadmore said...

Hey Mr Vaal (if that is your real name...)
Thanks - glad you enjoyed the movie and the designs.
It was truly one of the most enjoyable films I have ever worked on.
Neill is a big fan of a lot of Sci-Fi. We both love Robocop and that had a lot of influence.
The Japanese mecha influence on the exo suit is mostly my own, and while I can't speak for Neill, I'm sure you can tell he's inspired by much from anime, manga and japanese games amongst many other things.
The final Exo suit design was one of several that I did, and while Neill was meticulous in directing me towards what he wanted, this final design is one that reflects my own interests and inspirations as much as anything else.

I cannot tell you anything at all about Elysium other than it will fucking rule.

For my part, I decided to focus on my own Dr Grordbort's sci-fi world for now and have forgone working on Elysium. A very difficult decision I can tell you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering, I really appreciate it. I'm glad to know you're a big time anime fan-- if you can't tell already, I'm a huge mech fan. Definitely my favorite "weapon" for science fiction material.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to more of your own work. I was really, really, REALLY hoping you were going to contribute to 'Elysium', though-- your work is probably some of the most influential stuff I've seen since H.R. Giger and Syd Mead. I firmly believe that the exosuit (among other work by you as well) will be used as a frame of reference for future sci-fi material 10 to 15 years down the road.

Oh, and I wished like hell you could be designing the mechs for 'Pacific Rim.' That was another one I could see you IDEALLY contributing to. Anyway, thanks again for answering.