Saturday 6 February 2010

The Gravy Interview

I was interviewed for a really great art show called The Gravy late last year and it's now out online.
Check it out.


Ben Mauro said...

That was a Gregtastic interview. :P

Doug Williams said...

Aw man! It only let's you see it if you live in New Zealand.

Hey Ben!

Greg Broadmore said...

Only in NZ?
Man, that's crap. What is happening to this damn internet? Who let the jackass's put up borders?

I'll see if I can find another place that hosts it.

Anonymous said...

wow very nice, its good to see how great your technique has become, well done Greg. Game or Movie? hmmmm that's a tough one, as one may decide the other, in any event i can't wait to experience both. Keep up it coming Mr Broadmore.

Teresa said...

yes, only in nz, what a shame!

Fryewerk said...

Oh sure, it lets me watch the advertisement and not the video. Real class act operation.