Sunday 31 October 2010

The Wrong Directions

He is lost.


Zachary said...

Cool design -- I love some of the shapes.

Anonymous said...

While getting dressed for Ice hocky, his jumper became stuck. His team mates stole his pants for beeing a mungo.

TheMightyMarcOfFullerton said...

I hope he finds that tabby cat along the way :) What does it answer to?

Doug Williams said...

Oh, that's were I left my nightmares.

Cool piece man, I like the wet media feel it has.

Anonymous said...

Donald noticed the sign on the tree too late. It read.
Welcome to the Outside Gym. Please rememeber to apply sun screen to your back and shoulders as well as your face. Otherwise sunburn will result. Also remember to exercise your lower body as well as your top half. Pants must be worn in all areas.No exceptions.


Anonymous said...

By a strange quirk of convergent evolution , the story of little red riding hood actually existed on the far of world of Nancy.
Unfortunatly trousers did not also get carried along in the process.

Ok I'm bored. later.


Frank Victoria said...

Very cool!
I know how that dude feels. Sometimes I get red at the top when I walk through the woods.

Anonymous said...

George Pal's 60"s "War of the worlds" film had your chaps grandfather in it.

go here for more no neck aliens.

looks like a cool kit.


Anonymous said...

Bah, that link is bad, try this for no neck long arm three eye aliens.

Ryan Walsh said...

LOLLY LOLLY LOLLy. I see you finally made it.

Now were talking Greg. This is a shinning example to all feminine Protose. (Fucking animals!)

Thank god your not gay greg. Im sure writing VIGINA, WITH A WHOLE LOT OF RED. THIS MIGHT GET DIRTY TONIGHT.

NVMind that. oh wait... nvmnd.