Sunday 5 December 2010

Blogging equals hard

I have no idea how most people make time for blogging or updating a site. I suck at it, especially right now as I'm writing my next Grordbort's book. Very exciting!
Been percolating new ideas for it for ages and now it's underway.

So that means hardly any new work on the blog, even though I have dozens of sketches and ideas lying around just waiting to get brought to life.

In the meantime, please enjoy some random five minute doodles from my sketchbook.
Some of these may end up as fully realised paintings, or they will if I find that ever elusive spare time.... Where are you spare time you elusive little asshole! Oh wait, now that I think about it I spent it on Call of Duty. Shit.

Just the one to start with you greedy internet!


Zachary said...

Haha!! You made me laugh pretty hard with this post! Love the sketch -- would love to see more.



Claire said...

Blogging... I read more than I write... Does that make me a ghost?

Anonymous said...

you're a terrible human being, Greg.

Hey man, how's it going :)?

Greg Broadmore said...

Mission success! If I can make you laugh Zachary, then that's enough for me. More on the way.

You are no ghost Claire - I have seen you up close and you were definitely fully opaque.

Lorin, I already knew that, but thanks for the reminder.
Other than being Earth's worst human, I'm pretty good thanks for asking. Writing a new book always puts me in a great mood. Very difficult uphill battle, but one I love to fight.

sprigmude said...

Hang in there.
Hammering out a story takes lots of hard work.
I like the doodles, they are even more interesting than the highly finished works.
Have you seen the Professor Stears website? That might be good for inspiration for your new book.
Also the - Retropolis - the future that never was - website - very cool also.

Greg Broadmore said...

Hey Sprigmude,
thanks man. Stories for the new book are almost all done. Not too hard at all - they were a lot of fun to write.
Lot's of iteration from here to refine them as usual however.

I have never seen Professor Stears website - very cool stuff.
I can see we are on a similar wavelength.
In all honesty though, inspiration for me comes from classic sci-fi of the early 1900's, as it has for my other Grordbort's books and creations. And I look to differentiate myself from other contemporary creators where I can, and not emulate.
I'm sure Professor Stears is the same.

Thanks for the ideas nonetheless. Always cool to see others doing like-minded work.


Six said...

Haha! Cool sketch,

The Slippers are a nice touch =)

androobaker said...

Blogosaur is awesome! the end.

Pearce said...

I also like the slippers. What I don't like is the deliberate misspelling of the greeting "hai". What is "hi"? Some new street gang reinterpretation?

Greg Broadmore said...

'Hi' is ye olde language for 'Hai'.
This is a period piece.

Stuart Thomas said...

I learnt so much and dinosaur ergonomics in that one image.
Thank you for your lots!

Ryan Walsh said...

Greg. Did I make u depressed becuase I asked if you had a female person in your life?

I think your really showin that you are desperate computer masterbater.

U Make Robot Love Happen :)
Its all right buddy. One day We will have woman robots that will make men happy. And they will be better than the real thing!


Ryan Walsh said...

What porn sites do u venture on Greg?

I like Mindy Maine myself you?

Ryan Walsh said...


Ryan Walsh said...

OH FUCK ITS caturdays Oh yeees