Thursday 9 December 2010

Dorsal Dong


James said...

If I touch it for world peace, it's not cheating is it?

sprigmude said...

Greg, you sure are prolific.
Primitive peoples had an obsession with Phallus statues. As people of science we undestand there is no supernatural side to it- just a better way to mix DNA than eggs. Fantastic alien and face, not sure why it is X rated?

Zachary said...

You're on fire -- its awesome to see you posting so frequently! Keep 'em coming. Great sketch -- love the leg design.

androobaker said...

dorsal dong wants to be in the gang.

Greg Broadmore said...

Kia ora cousins.
Spriggo, are you calling me primitive? Because I take that as a compliment. Thanks!
And yes, I always use a phallus to mix my DNA and eggs - that's how you get the best consistency for omelettes.
Zachary - I wish it was proliferacy, but these are all old I'm afraid. Just dug em outta the sketch book. Most of them happen while I'm travelling.

Dorsal Dong Gang - sign up now. No cheats allowed!

sprigmude said...

Nope, not making any judgements, just trying to figure out a context for the symbols. PS The nude female in the previous post was very well captured. Was it from a life drawing? Alex Raymond used life models also, I even think Dale was lifed from a beauty pagent winner.

Ben Mauro said...

if you touch it you will get preggers. watch out!

Greg Broadmore said...

Thanks Spriggen,
Mentioning me and Alex Raymond in the same sentence is very kind of you. Towards me anyway, if not Alex Raymond.

There was no reference for the nude.
I try not to look at reference while illustrating.
I know that sounds counter intuitive, but I am always studying, researching, referencing in everyday life, and sometimes before a new project, but when I draw it is almost always from my head.
I just enjoy it more that way.

And yes, you might get space-preggers from touching the DD, but not you Ben - you are barren.

Ben Mauro said...

yeah after the first time you are pretty much ruined. NOTHIN'S coming out of there again. :D

Moai said...

You're so freakin awesome, Greg! Hilarious!