Sunday 12 December 2010

The Finger


Zachary said...

Are you selling a published "sketchbook" anytime soon, Greg?

Teresa said...

(jaja, could it be that there is someone kicking a porcupine in the other sheet?)

Six said...

'Crunt Fuckly'

sprigmude said...

That made me laugh.
Like the power walk of the mother, and the reluctance of the boy, and the reptile's distraction.
Now draw one of you - washing your mouth out with soap - for that bad language, young man!

Greg Broadmore said...

Yo. I'd love to do a sketchbook sometime Zachary - just have to finish my next book first.

Good eyes Teresa and SixHawks - yes there is some hedgehog violence on the preceding page - maybe I'll publish those sometime too. Not that I want to encourage that sort of thing.
Glad you like the T-Shirt Sixo - keep you eyes peeled for CF in the near to not so near future.

Sorry for the potty mouth Spriggle - I subscribe to the Guillermo Del Toro School of Swearing is Fun.
I do it by correspondence and it is edufuckingcational as all shit.