Saturday 15 January 2011

Module - Angry Little Machine

Module has just released a new single - Angry Little Machine, and I did the artwork for it.

Super fun song and super fun to do artwork for.

This was one of those natural illustrations to do - Module's incredible music just makes these kinds of images pop into your head.

Thanks to Jeramiah for being a choice cunt - dude is permanently dialed to 11!


Ryan Walsh said...

You say Cunt.

I would call it Manjina!

SHOo said...

What?? You can do cute too??? I hate you. =)

Stig Ă˜ien said...

Amazing cover. Just bought the song off iTunes after your recommendation

Greg Broadmore said...

Nice one Stig - great song eh?
You should check out Module's other work.
His Shatter Soundtrack for the Sidhe Interactive game was a huge hit.