Sunday 12 June 2011

The Old Sketch Books part 11

Judge Dredd - I fucking love Judge Dredd.
I am gay for him to the max.
Does anyone still say 'to the max'? Well they should do.

The top right and bottom right pic were me roughing out ideas for a piece of fan art that I was going to do - a more realistic sci-fi Judge Dredd. Not that Judge Dredd needs any improvement whatsoever.
For my take I was going to keep all the same motifs and signature elements but make him feel as if he were a real future cop with all the necessary equipment.
I might come back to it when I get a spare moment.


Jo Blankenburg said...

Judge Dredd forever. Really like the sketches on the right and the helmet along the stubble on his chin. Way cool!

Ryan Walsh said...

good ol judge dredd

jamie holmes said...

Really nice work. Ohh yerh and plus one for the pink dildo!.

All the best

Dan said...

Nice! Love a bit of Dredd too.
Have you seen they are making a new Dredd film with Karl Urban? What do you make of it?
Also theres a decent fan film that looks quite authentic called Judge Minty.

Greg Broadmore said...

Hey SC. I have heard a little about the new film. Both good and bad...
It can't be any worse than the Stallone version, and hopefully they keep truer to the original tone.
He's a character you love (or love/hate) despite what he represents, not quite even the anti-hero. So I hope they keep that aspect of the comics..