Tuesday 24 September 2013

Travel Scribbles pt 1

What could possibly be better for an artwork blog post than pop topicality. That's why I thought that fan art based on GTA5 at this particular moment could be a real hit.
With that in mind, I thought I'd present these sketches (doodled on a recent trip) of Franklin, Trevor and Michael in various 'kick ass' scenarios.
Now, I've taken the artistic liberty of imagining them as dinosaurs, in situations unrelated to the game proper, but I think the connection is implicit.


Pearce said...

I was all like "whoah sweet GTAV screenshots!" then I was all like "oh wait they are drawings of dinosaurs actually". Such a range of emotions

Unknown said...

Could a T-Rex even put on under pants and what would that struggle look like?

Stuart Thomas said...

those anthro rex's are a cool bunch, I can see them in a comic about chomping. Choice selection of doods!

Peter Yong said...

Have you shared this with the GTA team?!