Saturday, 17 October 2009

District 9 Concept Art -MNU

images©wingnut film

More District 9 concept work.

We built two armoured Hilux's at Weta Workshop and both got pretty messed up on set (as you may remember from the film, one crashed into the Exo suit, and one ended up on it's roof).
Neill provided me with the render of the model which he had added bullbars and guns to, and as a starting point I referred to one of Christian Pearce's very early sketches - that's why I put all three names down as signatures.

I don't tend to work over renders or photographs for the bulk of my work, and almost never for personal work. For a design job like this though, I was adding to an existing vehicle, so I worked into the render adding photographic elements like lights and guns and illustrating the armour panels and anything I couldn't find.

For the final build, we had to lose the MG's and mounts due to cost but everything else stayed exactly the same.

The MNU armour was a lot of fun. This full armour set was intended to be the heaviest version available - some guys would have less, some none.
The idea was to have this armour reflect some of the alien tech, a hint that perhaps MNU had learnt something, however little from the Alien technology over the 25 years or so since arrival.

The logos ( and all the graphic design for the Aliens and MNU) are by Leri Greer - every time I added his logos it brought the designs to life.


Unknown said...

thanks for sharing these and your processes! all great, great stuff

Patrick Ballesteros said...

Awesome stuff. Great job with the movie designs!

sebastian meyer said...

thanks a lot for posting these, they are soooo freakin' sweet!

andrew domo said...

these are fantastic, Greg. I love how refined your designs are.
thanks for sharing

Vinod Rams said...

Amazing movie with amazing designs. Thanks for sharing these!

Greg Broadmore said...

Thanks guys - coming from yourselves, I take this as the highest of compliments.

LastSpartan said...

Hey Greg,

I wanted to tell you that I purchased D9 on Bluray today, and the film, and more precisly your work is purely awesome.

I really dig the Aliens weaponry, as well as the MNU white armor.

I was wondering, do you have any other concept arts or pictures of that armor? Scenes were the armor is seen during the money last seconds and I couldn't make half of the details on it, in the movie.

Thank you very much, and again, outstanding work!