Tuesday, 27 October 2009

District 9 Exo Suit Concept Art - part 2

images©wingnut film

In this weeks instalment, we see two more of the Exo suit concept pieces - it's like a sequel you see.

The head close up was done for Weta Digital and Embassy VFX to aid the modelling and texturing of the final model. It shows the mandibles that were there to reflect the alien physiology externally. I figured if the aliens had the equivalent of a 'hand' on their face (the complex crab like feeders as well as tentacles) they would use them for communication - a more complex, maybe pictographic version of our facial expressions.
If that was the case, then this would be integral to them and it would be necessary to make an analogue on the robotic suit too.
It also makes it look 'mean as' and also 'muy alarmante'.

The second illustration was a simple frontal plan view - very quick and dirty but showed the frontal proportions for the modelling process.

There were also side on views, internal views and diagrams showing how the chest opened and the internal system extended out to take in the pilot.
But you can't see those here because I have pasted them in using invisible pixels.

Tune in next time when more pictures of things are accompanied by hyper-nerdy descriptions.


Mike J. said...

Sweet. Thanks a lot for sharing :)

Alfonso de la Torre said...

So cool man! I really like the quick fontal view of the Exo Suit its fucking awesome, it would have been interesting if it have been white in the movie. it would have stand out but then again so does the black. Looking forward to more, and thanks for sharing.

Shelly said...
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Robert Simons said...

Amazing work Greg i wont to kiss this Suit if he was rill Hahahahahaha

thanks for Sharing this

Best- Robert

Cavematty said...
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Cavematty said...

muy alarmante?! Si Senior!

Great to see this stuff out in the public eye man! Surprised how few comments there are though, you obviously are not an internet whore like ya know ya could be. Could have all kinds of flaming and trolling in here, imagine how fun that would be :)

I see you chucked a link to me too! Muchos Gracias! You even gave me a cooler nick name than "that guy wot is always drawin that gay stuffs'. Respect :)

Esmond said...

PLEASE POST up more images of the robot!! it's amazing.. why didn't you release a book on the concept art?

jbachdesign said...

Love your work Greg! My girl and I went and saw District 9 two days in a row one weekend and it's all because of your kick ass mechs, creatures, guns and well everything..the movie was damn good too. :) My deepest thanks for the timeless inspiration.

El Sastre Rojo said...


Greg Broadmore said...

Damn,thanks guys.
Glad you guys are enjoying the work.
Will try and post more as I get time.
I would love to do a concept art book
Esmond, we would all love to do that at Weta.
It's surprisingly more difficult than you would guess to get something like that going. The most critical part of course is obtaining the license to do so.
Fingers crossed it'll pan out. There was a ton of unseen concept art by many artists on the film. It will be great to see that come to light.
Thanks again all,

Stephensanity said...

The suit was the best part of District 9 by far.

Colin Michael Ashcroft said...

I have to agree, the suit was also the best thing for me in the film. The concepts are great and I think the final 3d rendering did the intial concept real justice! Great creation!

Jason Scheier said...

Hi Greg!

I was completely blown away by the conceptual design of the prawn's technology in the film! It's really amazing to see your actual production artwork. Ive been following you guys since LOTR! I must say that Sci-Fi fits the workshop well! I don't think there is anything you can't accomplish! :D


Anonymous said...

Greg - I just saw this movie on bluray over the weekend .
I loved it ! The designs and the feel of the grit and poverty ridden sets were stellar . This mech at the end stole the show !

Great design and execution on screen and so great to see something fresh .

Cheers .

Unknown said...

I really love this, it looks cool functional and yet so alien. Its feet look like there designed to help it balance and spread out its weight etc.

It beats the Avatar mechs by a mile, they were just clunky boxes, which were neither functional or cool looking.

The way they animated it as well it felt like a heavy duty machine with inertia.