Thursday, 22 October 2009

ImagineFX Isssue 50 - District 9

Issue 50 of ImagineFX mag is out soon (now?) and has a feature on the conceptual design we did at Weta Workshop for District 9.
There's a good compliment of our concept art included as well as interviews from David Meng, Leri Greer and myself.
There's some really nice photos of David Meng's incredible Prawn sculptures and a lot of Leris' preparatory work for the graphic design of the alien language.


Unknown said...

ooooo i'll tweet this. ill check out the newsagent on the weekend. exciting!

Dan Ferreira said...

Gorgeous, congrats!

Moai said...

Oh yeah! This looks like a hot issue.

Josh Marlar said...

Beautiful work, I just received this issue in the mail. So much inspiration and congratulations for being in this issue. This is one of the best issues I have received in the mail from Imagine FX.