Friday 27 May 2011

The Old Sketch Books part 3

These two pages are separated in time quite a bit.
The excavators are from my 'excavator' period, which was about 1999.
In truth this period continues today as well as preceding that year, but that was the year I drew the most of them at least.
The wrestlers were drawn on an  aeroplane in Mexico in 2007, so quite recent.
I did not see any Mexican wrestlers in Mexico, but I wanted to imagine that I did, hence the drawing.


Ryan Walsh said...

And the funny part is. I began to realize the likeness a while back and I see clearly now.. The Hydrolic arms of these machines remind me entirely of the District 9 weapons. You learned much from them and applied your artisticness to the guns.

The Enigmatic Baron Trapdoor said... thats a cool word!


Ryan Walsh said...

I will get positive now. Got my perscription for them antidepressants like you told me Greg

Ryan Walsh said...

Guess you can say Goodbye to the old me and introducing the NEW ME pretty soon. once these fuckers kick in.
Now your Blog will be Troll Free' Imagine that! A Blog. Trolled Free'
Thats like winning the lottery almost;.
I cant wait to be poppin these bitchs in me and start feeling positive energy.
So much negative energy in me, So much clouding my head. Honestly I cant wait.

You know this might be the answer to improve my artwork. I tried Ecstacy once in hopes that it would improve my artwork but it didnt.
Possibly with the Positive energy Pill I will get the urge to improve these situations.

Ryan Walsh said...

Heh, kinda feelin dizzy all sudden whoooooow