Sunday 29 May 2011

The Old Sketch Books part 4

Some more oldies! Relatively speaking of course.
On a geological scale, these illustrations might have well as happened two nano-seconds ago. Damn, I am quick compared to plate tectonics and erosion!
These must be from around 99 - 00, because on the page next to these I refer to a new console known then as the 'Dolphin'. Bonus nerd points for guessing what that was.


Pearce said...


I am enjoying this trip down mem-moari lane, keep it up. Just the drawings I mean.

Stuart Thomas said...

teh gamecube :U
Guess it was around the time you were making killer robots comic?
Mean Maori Mean!

Ryan Walsh said...


Dolphin 64'

I like how comicly styled these are. Very Cartoonish stuff. Guess you learn alot when you stylize more?

Pearce said...

I mean Gamecube! Dammit.

Ryan Walsh said...

Sorry Christian Im on the happy pill, Cant get mad at you right now. Leave message after the BEEP

Ben Mauro said...

wait i thought it was N64 also.... or was it the Gamecube?

Greg Broadmore said...

GC to the max! Seems like yesterday.
Yah - would be just before I did Killer Robots will Smash the World, I guess.

Ryan Walsh said...

Dreamcast anyone?

Ryan Walsh said...

I Love Dolphins. I use to swim with a pack of dolphins. We beat up our enemies with our beaks. Ram them to death really. eat alot of fish on my days off. crustations along the ground was pretty good to. Met a electric Eal once I said, EEEEEE. He just kinda floated there, lit up a few times.. Then went through some wicked caves and stuff, pretty dark in there thou. Had a itchy crotch, Had no way of scratchn it so that sucked.
That was my day