Monday 23 May 2011

A sneaky peak at the next from Dr. Grordbort

 **UPDATE!** Sneak peak posted on

Holy Lord Crappington!
No, no, wait, it's Lord Cockswain.

Lately, I've been pretty snowed by all things Grordbort and there's some exciting stuff in the pipeline (I'm not sure where this proverbial pipe is but I guess it is under my house. I should have a look for it sometime - it's apparently full of lots of neat things).

I can't reveal much of what's to come just yet, but I can say that I'm working on a new Dr. G book.
I'm going to show a sneak peak at the first full colour page this weekend via Dr. Grordbort' but for now please enjoy this tiny pencil sketch of the infamous human wrecking ball and aristocratic moron.


Pascal Raimbault said...

Great to see some traditional works from you Greg, love his expression

Six said...